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Proposal: Institute/Center or Department

Standard guidelines for “where does my grant go” decisions

  1. Multi-investigator, multi-school and interdisciplinary research:
    1. University Research Institutes & Centers
  1. All others (with rare exceptions):
    1. Home Department or School-Based Research Center
  1. Is there a sub-contract (coming in or going out)?
    1. The above guidelines apply.

Special circumstances:

Single investigator proposals can be submitted through URICs if proposals have a clear and direct relationship to a URIC and the school/department where the investigator’s primary appointment is held approves. If Evanston and Feinberg investigators are participating and there are special considerations regarding the use of space or other resources, the Office for Research can assist in working through these with the Feinberg dean’s office.

If there is collaborative work with Argonne and/or Fermi, the grant may be housed in NAISE (Argonne) or CAPST (Fermi). Northwestern has special research agreements with each that include the possibility of joint appointments. The Office for Research can advise on, and assist with, the special processes involved.

Graduate students are always appointed and managed in their home academic department.

Research appointees should be appointed/reappointed in the unit that hires them and pays the majority of their salary at the time of appointment/reappointment.