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Personnel and Payroll

Summer Salary for Institute and Center Directors

Faculty summer salary forms are processed in the departments, but many of the Institutes and Centers are involved in the process at some point. Please note that all summer salary forms for directors/co-directors must be routed by the home deans’ office to Alexandra Manetas for approval in the Northwestern | RESEARCH. Please review the Payroll Information for Administrators on the Office for Human Resources website for further information.

Managing Staff Appointments in Institutes & Centers

Northwestern | RESEARCH manages all personnel actions for staff in University Research Institutes and Centers. Please visit the Staffing page on the Research Finance and Administration website for further information on specific processes, including requesting a position, hiring, and termination.

Managing Research Appointments in Institutes and Centers

Northwestern | RESEARCH reviews and approves all actions requested for Research Staff,  Research Faculty,  and Research Visitor appointments in University Research Institutes and Centers. Please visit the Research Appointments page on the Research Finance and Administration website for further information.

Graduate Students Appointments

Graduate student appointments reside in the department/school that will bestow the degree. The department/center provides a chart string in cases where it provides stipend/support.

All necessary access to buildings, laboratories and mail rooms are provided by both departments/centers.

Download information about managing Research Appointments between units.

Questions or concerns regarding appointments crossing departments/URICs should be directed to:

  • Joseph Boes (OR)
    • Note – For McCormick (MCC) and Weinberg (WCAS) involved appointments, respective administrators in those areas will also be integrated into discussions.